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Thread: Natural dog repellants?

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    Natural dog repellants?

    Clover has suddenly developed a taste for tissues. I came home to a shredded box on the floor, no tissue to be found anywhere. I can't imagine this is good for her, I hope it won't block her? Anyway I need her to learn she can't do it, but I can never catch her doing it. She doesn't like that I'm working full time now. She's used to be spending the majority of my day with her. Is there something I can mix up that won't warm her but it turn her off tissue eating? She's also been pulling TP rolls out of the garbage too. Will the replant only work if she smells it on the tissue and just wait til I stop putting it on?
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    Oooh! You mean repellants! Um, I think hiding the tissues, getting lids for the trash cans, and providing her with plenty of other things to do will be better than any repellent, especially as she is a Lab, and they have been know to enjoy the taste of bitter apple, etc.!
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    Lady had similar issues when she adopted us.

    She tore up tissues, boxes of tissues, rolls of toilet paper, videotapoes, you name it (including 2 pairs of glasses and a pan of brownies).

    The fix was confining her when we weren't home and gradually giving her more space, combined with puppy proofing the house. The fun part was puppy proofing a house when the pup in question is a 70 pound bundle of muscle. We thought child gates would work, but we were greeted one morning by a wet nose in the bedroom. She just thought they were a fun obstacle.

    Eventually she got over it when she realized that we WERE actually coming home, and she wasn't going to be abandoned to the mercy of the cats.
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