CONTACT: Please contact Garffy’s Case Manager, Elise at [email protected] if you can help ASAP!

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Garffy now needs a home or rescue ASAP!! Please let me know if you can help!!

Chicagoland Area, IL - GARFFY the 1 yr old, severe CH Kitty needs a forever home!

Garffy is a shy, but incredibly sweet 1 year old orange tabby. He has severe CH and cannot walk on his own - he would likely benefit from a kitty wheelchair. He can eat and drink on his own and has no problems adhering to a regular potty schedule.

Contact Info: Please contact Garffy’s Case Manager, Elise at [email protected] if you can help ASAP!

For more information about CH cats, please see

Garffy's Story:
My husband does take him to the vet for checks up (i am not sure he has been tested for FeLV/FIV), he is not neutered (when we got him we were told he was too old to be neutered.) He does not walk, which is why I think it might be a severe case of CH, but if he is put by his food and water he can manage to get to it. He does drag his body a lot and sometimes tries to get up to walk but is unsuccessful. Once he is comfortable in the environment he gets around by dragging his body. When he reaches a challenging point, we notice he growls because he is using all the strength he has, it's cute! We sit with him a few times a day to try to get him to use the bathroom and angle him in his litter box to help him. He is very shy when he does not know you, he will growl a little until he is familiar with your scent but once he knows he is not in danger he is friendly, loves to cuddle and to be held. A friend of my husband's found him in his backyard, he said that his mom and siblings used their backyard as their home and one day the mom abandoned him but took the other siblings. We think she knew something was wrong with him and that's why she left him. When my husband saw him he couldn't contain himself, and we decided to keep him. He was malnourished as well. When we took him to the vet he told us he had CH and if within a week it does not get better to put him to sleep. We did not want to put him to sleep so we decided that we had to keep him and take care of him. It is a lot of work but he is worth it.