My sweet little Dazzi died on Monday morning. She had surgery last week to remove her spleen and a tumor that was on it. She seemed to be doing pretty well -- and then on Monday when I went to get her up to go outside, she laid down on the kitchen floor and died. It broke my heart to have her leave me. She came to us when a friend who was a salesman for a paper company who sold paper to my workplace said he had a dog that he needed to find a new home for because he had just gotten divorced and was selling his house and moving to an apartment that didn't allow pets. I told him to bring her over one night to see if she and 11 year Oreo would get along. I told him NOT to bring all of her things like he wanted to do because if you knew Oreo you knew that the chances of her liking another dog was slim but her liking another female dog was slimmer. But here he came with her crate, dog food, dishes, toys, leashes, - everything he had bought her.

At first she and Oreo did not get along but they had to make peace with each other or at least ignore each other since they were going to live together. She was about a year or year and a half old when we got her from him so we had her 11 years - she would have been 13 in April by the date we gave her for her birthday.

She was the best dog any one could have. She came so well trained and he did not know where she learned all she did - he had got her at the Humane Society in Lima, Ohio. She could be off leash because if you told her to stay in the yard she did - at least if you kept your eye on her as she loved to wander - to see the neighbors or just investigate their yards. If she started to run after a rabbit, you would just call her name and she would stop in her tracks and come right back to you.

When we first started taking her to the Dog Park, however, she sometimes was not such a good girl. She did not like Golden Retrievers, certain spaniels or German Short-haired Pointers. And she would attack them - she even attacked Staci's Keegan. But after that she was their protector. She would let no other dog that acted like it might be aggressive near her "friends". So sometimes when we saw one of those breeds coming into the dog park we would have to leash her or watch her very closely and remind her that she was to stay with us. She finally "outgrew" her protectiveness and stopped going after other dogs.

She loved to do tricks especially if she thought it might get her a treat. She would sit up, shake, high five, lay down, twirl, and crawl. She was the best car rider we ever had. She would just get in the car and sit and look out the window. She didn't bark at other dogs or people. She didn't jump from back seat to front seat and back again. She just sat and enjoyed the ride. In fact, on longer trips you would forget she was even in the car with you.

She was my best friend. If I got up at night cause I couldn't sleep or didn't feel well, she came with me. She liked to sleep near me, so if there was room on the couch or other bed, she was right there with me. If not she laid as close as she could on the floor. She slept in our bed with us. She accepted her crate when we would put her in one and when we started to get the others, and she had to give up her crate, she would sometimes still go in one to get away from the others. Or if she didn't feel good.

She had never been around kids but when Jasmine and Dominic came to live with us, she accepted them and loved them right away. She was always happy to see them and always put up with them even when they would put her on a leash to just be walked around the inside of the house.

When we went away on long trips and couldn't take her she sometimes went to my sister's in Toledo. Julia had 3 or 4 cats then and Dazzi didn't care. I have some pictures of her sleeping with them by her side.

Dazzi was definitely a special dog and I will never, ever forget her. She was the sweetest, most beautiful dog anyone could ever have. I miss her so very much! Rest in peace, beautiful Dazzi.

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