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Thread: VERY URGENT need transport to no-kill shelter OR foster for a friend's dog!

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    VERY URGENT need transport to no-kill shelter OR foster for a friend's dog!

    Hi Pet Talk, I was wondering if someone could perform a miracle for me. I have a friend who I know through the Doctor Who convention circuit who has been very down on her luck. She needs to find a home for her dog asap, or she is surrendering her to a shelter. All of the shelters in her area are kill shelters and she is already preparing to drive some ways to give her to a shelter that at least puts pit bulls up for adoption instead of euthanizing them upon relinquishment.

    I will have further details about where she is located shortly, but for now I know she is in Kansas. She recently had to move for a job though and I have not heard which town the new job is in. She is at her wit's end and really needs some help.

    Sapphire is an adult pit bull who was previously used as a bait dog before ending up at the shelter that my friend adopted her from. She is not dog friendly because of her background. But I have met her at the conventions and she is a very friendly, people oriented dog. She sat under the table like a star at her mommy's book signing in November. I would drive down and pick her up myself but she does not like other dogs and must be an only dog. If someone could even pick her up and foster her for a week until I am back in Illinois there are several no-kill shelters which the salon I work at has connections with so I could probably even drive a few states over to one of the ones by me. I will be completely tied up until the following Tuesday morning.

    Any help would be appreciated and I will have more information asap.

    If needed, she could most likely stay with my friend's in-laws until I could take her, but I am 11 hours away and it would sure help if some kind people could start the journey with her and I could pick her up part way. Possibly in Des Moines area on Thursday the 21st. OR if anyone knows any pit bull friendly no-kill rescues anywhere along the route. (Wichita to Chicago) but I know that Chicago is a particularly good area for pits as far as this country goes.
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    Too far from me, but maybe someone knows someone!
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    Yahoo has a lot of pet transport threads. Have the shelter put it out and they put out calls for volunteer transporters. Someone will also run the transport. There are breed specific transport groups and "dog" transport groups. I've done a couple of yorkie, dachshund and small breed transports.


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