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Try not to second guess your decision to stop his discomfort. I'm not a medical person but I read this entire thread and saw his lab results. Even though the results were not in English, I could identify many of them and see how high and low many were.
Thank you! I suppose most of us will doubt if it was the right time to say goodbye, but hearing what the two different vets said, and my neighbor who is an almost a fully trained nurse, it seems it seems it was the right time, no matter how hard it was. If there are any of the numbers on the sheet you want me to translate, just say so.

I'm sorry for your loss of Luke, and for your Sylvester the First, Sindy. I know now how hard it is.

Only the last two days, Fister didn't come up in my bed at night, but I put him during the day and we cuddled. I served him various treats while he was under the cupboard, and he stuck his head out to let me brush him a bit, also.

It's good to know that so many loved him and we can all go back and read the stories and see the pictures.

I have a video clip of Fister from the week before, but I can't seem to post it here.