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Thread: Fister is at the RB - 20/5-96 - 2/2-2013

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    Unhappy Fister is at the RB - 20/5-96 - 2/2-2013

    It was with a very heavy heart I went to the hospital where Fister is and had him put to sleep at 13.20. It hurts SO bad itís unbelievable!

    My neighbor, who is a nurse came with me, she was a good support and could explain the test results to me again.

    Fister went peacefully. I spent half an hour with him and I had brought his catnip toy, his brush, his pillow and my night shirt to lay on. There were no one other than us, so I had time to say properly goodbye. The last thing Fister did was to lick his catnip toy. I held his head and his paw, kissed him a thousand times and told him how much I love him and wished him a safe journey to the RB.

    I miss him so much!!! My flat feels empty and I feel I have lost the ones who are closest to me.

    To me, Fister was the sweetest and most handsome cat in the whole world and itís so unfair that he is not with me.

    I want to go to bed and reach out for him - and he would lay in front of me with his paws on my arm, then go and lay next to my head when the lights were turned off. Oh, how I will miss that and his headbumpies in the mornings.

    Fisterís liver was not working properly, there were several things wrong and he was being fed and getting water through a tube in his leg. The vet said it would be a bad idea to take him home, if only for a couple of days. So I had to make the hardest decision I ever have made. I donít think Iíll ever stop crying.

    I have scanned in the tests he had done, will attach them here:

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