As you all know, I have been having a lot of problems these last few years. It's been a bumpy road and it is fixing to get bumpier.. About 6 months ago I started having tingeling and numbness in my hands and it has continued to get worse and worse. I finally got a doctor to pay attention to it and do something other than give me pills that knocked me out. I had a cervical MRI same time as I had my yearly MRI for those tumors. The results were already on the computer and my neurosurgeon saw the results before the doctor who ordered the cervical MRI..

When I first went to see my neurosurgeon, he told me he was not worried about those tumors and for me not to worry until he came in looking worried and he's told me that every visit.. December, he came in and said "GOOD NEWS! The tumors are just as they were the first time we saw them! ...Now, what about this cervical MRI, tell me whats going on with that! That has me worried!" so he started asking me a bunch of questions and I answered them.. He looked me in the eyes and said "This isn't good and I am worried! Your neck in a mess, all kind of things wrong in there and serious things that need to be taken care of. I don't like the looks of the MRI or what you have told me!" He gave me time to go see the doctor that had ordered the cervical MRI and to see what he thought. (another neuro doctor that works in the same center).

To make a long story short, he agreed and also reccomends surgery and that it be done asap before permanent damage is done that can't be undone. The vertabras in the back my neck have collasped on top of each other, I got bone spurs in the front pressing into my spinal cord and I need surgeries.... at least TWO, possiably more and none of them any fun, in fact he said they are very dangerous. Surgery #1 he wants to fix the front of my neck, going in the front and 2 or 3 vertabras have to come completely out and replacing them with something man made. These are the ones that are pinching into my spinal cord, just one fall or getting rear ended in a car and that is all she wrote for me.... He wants to wait almost 4 weeks and I have surgery #2 on the back of my neck... There again, he wants to remove those in the back and replace them with what I think he said is wire cages or something, then he will attach all the rest he leaves in there to each other with spacers to keep them from collasping on each other. This surgery he said will be very painful for a long time and I will have to be on pain killers for a pretty long time. Surgery 1 is scheduled for Feb. 14 and surgery #2 is scheduled for March12. According to him, my neck is the worst mess he has ever seen in all his years of practice. In fact, he consulted with another doctor because he didn't know where to begin, what surgery to do first.I told him I always dared to be different and be a problem! LOL!

Now... I am not happy about any of this. I have had troubles with my neck for years and had been warned that it would continue to get worse.This is not how I planned to spend my retirement, I just hope I will stay independant once this is all over with. I don't mind admitting I am terrified of this surgery. Like I told the surgeon, I am not happy about having this serious a surgery, not happy that they are taking out my own body parts and replacing with man made parts.. This is not how I planned to live at this age.. He also told me I will loose about 20% of the range of motion in my neck. The only bright spot in this is that my sister (Brandon's Grandma) is coming to stay with me however long I need her and Marie will be in and out..(They are fixing to put their house on the market and she is super busy and the new house is coming on along, inside work only now... so she has a lot on her mind already.)

So, there are my problems for the new year and what I have to face... I am NOT happy and scared to death! (I have never had this serious serious a surgery before).. Oh, I don't remember exactly what he said but the neurosurgeon said something to the effect that THIS could be the root of all those problems I have had the last 2 1/2 years. I ask that all of you remember me in your prayers and keep a candle lit for me until this is over. I'd appreciate it! Thanks