1 CH Siamese kitty and 2 beautiful kitties in danger
Rescuers contact Beate: [email protected].

HELP!!! Here's the message from a trusted rescuer on Facebook:

Three beautiful cats in need of a miracle at Prince William Animal Control! They do not hold cats for long, especially owner releases. Rescuers contact Beate: [email protected].

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Maggie, senior Himalayan: I was released by my family because I was having problems remembering my litter box from time to time. There are lots of reasons that could be happening, and if there's an experienced cat person out there who'd like to help out a pretty girl with a few years on her, I'm that girl! I have lovely blue eyes, and smoky blue points, and my coat will be truly stunning with some daily TLC and grooming. I'd really like to get into your life for good, so come on in and let's get to know each other.

Maine Coon is a male, not a lot of info on him!

Woobles is a gorgeous Siamese who has cerebellar hypoplasia. She can lead a normal life but has balance issues. It does not slow her down in the least.