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    Hi Patch, What a handsome dog you are! What a terrible start you had in life being left in a car to die with your siblings and mother. The person who did that should be punished but I'm sure it will never happen. Then comes along a person who has a heart and sees you at a pet store and you go home with them. It is obvious that you are loved and have a wonderful home. I hope you have many years with your people. Congrats on being DOTD!

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    Hi Patch....You are a beautiful lady. I just love your color. I am very happy that you found a family to love and take care of you.
    I would love to have you. I am so glad your story has a happy ending. Congratulations on DOTD. We got to see how beautiful you
    are and to read such nice things about you. Have a great life.

    Linda in SC

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    Hi, Patch! What a great rescue story! I am so glad you went from being scared of the camera to being a photo star! I would love to give you a big hug today -- I hope your family will do that for me (((HUG)))) Happy Dog of the Day to you, Patch, pretty black and white lady!
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    Patch is a beautiful girl! Love that she is DOTD, she sure deserves it. So glad she has a family that loves her so very much! Peace and love!

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    I love stories with a happy ending, just like yours! Happy DOTD Patch!!
    "No dog is born either vicious or friendly, but rather a blank slate that is moulded, for better or worse, by the owner."

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    Such a beautiful dog!

    Black and white: perfect!

    Congratulations to the owners. To save a life!

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    Pretty Patch!

    Wow...what a harrowing start for you, Patch! And I'm sorry about your mama and three of your sibs...
    But, as we go forward, I'm happy to see that you are now a happy well-adjusted girl! You are so pretty...look at that face! And your coat ain't bad either ...
    May everyday be Dog of the Day for you, Patch!

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    Precious Patch!

    Hi Patch! Happy Pet of the Day to you, sweet baby girl! What a beautiful girl you are, Patch! I just love your coloring, and oh, those warm, soulful brown eyes of yours could melt the coldest of hearts! It's great to hear that you no longer fear the camera, Patch, for the camera sure does love you; your pics are heart melting! hehe And lucky girl you, you have a budding professional photographer as your special person, there to document your adorableness!

    What a horrible start at life you had, sweetheart. I can't imagine how any human being could be so cruel as to to leave a mom and her newly born litter of pups alone on the side of a ride, to surely perish. There's a place (not of this earth) for people like that! But thankfully your guardian angel rescuer found you in time, and we give great thanks to her/him for their compassion!

    I'm heartbroken to hear that 3 of your siblings didn't make it, Patch, and that your furmom was PTS! But happily for you, you found your way to the most loving and caring of forever families that fateful day outside of PetSmart, and the rest as they say is happy history! You may not have been planned, but it's for sure you and your people were meant to be, and that all future family breakfasts would include a furry member at the table! What joy and love and happiness you have brought to your family these many years, Patch. They are so very blessed to have you in their lives, and hope for you and your devoted humans many, many more wonderful years of shared love and companionship! You do your beloved predecessor, Buddy, proud!!!
    Thanks for the BIG smiles, sweetheart! Hope you're enjoying your much deserved day of honor, being loved and pampered to pieces!
    Lots of love, hugs and kisses to you, precious Patch!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

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    You're a beautiful girl Patch! Congrats on being DOTD!
    Forever in my heart...

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    Patches Rule !

    What a beautiful Girl.

    Demostrating the total assinine stupidity of BSL..

    SO glad you are so loved Sweetheart. MUCH loved !
    Love is more than proximity.... its part of the fabric of our souls... We are their Mission.

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