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    Hey Dengo, what a pup you are. Like so many that I have known, you can thrill our hearts and dirive us crazy all in the same day but that doesn't deter us from finding you Irresistible. Now, to your human family let me say this: Many animals find a broad range of classical music soothing and pleasurable. Give it a try, chances are he will enjoy some of classics. I would be interested to know what your findings are in this regard. Now, back to Dengo: You are a handsome young lad and I wish for you and your family many years of happiness. Also, Congratulations on being our very worthy Dog Of The Day.
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    Hi Dengo, you are a beautiful boy both inside and out! I love all your pictues, and would definetly give you a belly rub if I met you! happy dotd!
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    Adorable Dengo!

    Hi Dengo! Happy, happy Dog of the Day!!!
    What a hunky-handsome, sweet and lovable, goofy and gorgeous, gentle giant of a Rottie boy you are! Oh, how I would LOVE to give you a big hug, countless belly rubs, and cover that sweet, sweet face of yours with a zillion kisses! Could your photo spread be any more swoon worthy? Oh, you sure do know how to mug for the camera, Dengo! If you were mine I couldn't deny you anything! What a lucky, lucky family, having a furkid as devoted, as loyal, as loving as you to call their very own, and lucky us, we have you as our very special and most deserving, Dog of the Day!
    Thanks so much for the big, big smiles, Dengo! I hope you and your family are enjoying a very happy day celebrating your exalted reign, with you, the crowned one, being spoiled rotten!
    Lots of love, belly rubs and kisses to you, precious Dengo!

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    Dengo, this picture makes me want to reach right through the camera and give you some tummy-scritches and petting! You are so handsome, I like your happy smile and your black and tan coat! I would love to watch you having fun with your people, these photos sure give me a smile today Could you please have your people give you some extra petting and hugs for me today. Happy Dog of the Day to you, Dengo!
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    Hello Dengo,

    I'm pleased to meet you handsome boy. You looked sooooo cute as a baby puppy and
    are looking oh so handsome as you get bigger. After reading your story I think you sound
    like a very active, healthy & sweet natured pup who loves his family very much.Congratulations
    on being chosen for honors today as our special DOG OF THE DAY.Hugs & kisses and a
    long happy life with your family sweetie.
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    It's pretty clear that Dengo loves his family eh? What a sweetheart, beautiful DOTD, peace and love

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    Handsome Rottie Boy !

    What a Handsome amd gorgeous Rottie Boy you are Dengo !!

    Mum will help you find things you can chew though so your teeth stay ok !

    Happy and much loved ........
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    Thank you so much!

    I'd like to write/say:

    THANK YOU! I love dogs and they are so special to me. I'm grateful for all the nice comments. It makes me feel more comfortable to life and how a dog can be wonderful in our lives too!

    Well, I have a lot of photos about him. He is my "model".

    Dengo is not different from another pet. He gives me pleasure to live a day and another. Like another lovely pet. I love to hug him. But, only when he is calm.

    He is brave and sweet, at the same time. It's the first time that we have a Rottweiler. We are in a season to educate him more and more. Today, he has a new trainer. Finally, I think we are going to getting there! As soon (one month), Dengo will be a wonderful and a stable male dog. He is a prankish boy yet. Loves to do mess. We are learning to make all good for him and for all. I learned some things about guardian dogs that I didn't know before. We are learning to be a good people to him!

    He has a Pedigree. He is from German family. A heavy and lovely Rott!

    A huge hug for all , from Brazil!


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