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Thread: Pottytraining advice

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    Pottytraining advice

    I have a friend that has a Chihuahua puppy and she is working with him to get him potty trained. She got him to pee outside but she is struggling with going poop outside. Is there any advice that I could give her to help get him fully house trained? He is around 6 months old btw.
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    Patience, consistency and more patience! Small breeds especially seem to take longer to learn. Taking him out soon after he's eaten, making a strict schedule of trips out to "do his business," and lots of praise when he does it outside, and he should get it sooner or later!
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    Poop is actually the easier of the 2 to work on. Dogs will go a set amount of time after they eat. She can start learning what the dog's timing is, half an hour after a meal, 2 hours after, whatever. Then take him out about 5 minutes prior, for walkies.

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    Well, its very important to train a dog at a very young age. I too have pets and toilet training is a must at very tender age. You must tell your friend to take the pup outside after having food. You must start timing your dog. In this way the pup will be trained properly.


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