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Thread: What do YOU do??? - A POLL

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    Quote Originally Posted by redbird View Post
    I wish these people would stop sending stuff out, save the money you spend sending this stuff out and feed the animals instead.
    I agree! And, these people prey on the elderly. My mother gets so many of these it is ridiculous. They get about 25 calendars or more every year at the beginning of the year asking for donations. And, my mother is a sucker for this. She sends money to some of them. If they send her a nickle or a dime she sends it back!

    I use the labels if I can. The U.S. Post Office says if you receive something you didn't order, you do not have to send it back.

    So many people get ripped off every year by these so called charities. I do not trust any of them.

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    I just keep it. The only thing I ever really get is address labels though. I don't donate to larger organizations anymore - I feel too much is sent on advertising and sending out crap like that, not where it really needs to go. I donate to local rescue groups only. I donate a portion of my pet portrait profits to the local arctic breed rescue and the store I work at raises money each year for several foundations that I donate to. I really only donate to pet related things that's probably bad but it's the truth.

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    I get so much stuff that I would go broke sending donations to all . I think once you make a few donations your name might be given to other organizations in the hope you will donate to them also...just can't do it.I donate to only one organization because I do know where the money goes but most of the time I never get anything from them asking for a donation, I'm so used to making out a cheque every January that it's become a habit.
    When I get something that is useful I use it but don't send a donation-- if it's something that will collect dust I throw it out. Nothing to feel guilty about since I didn't ask for anything.

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    I just got some today in the mail from the stroke foundation.
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    My mom throws them away, but hey, if they want to take the time to send me free stuff, why not use it?
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