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Thread: Paging Dr. Cocteau.....

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    Paging Dr. Cocteau.....

    They are going to severely restrict pain meds available through ERs to protect people. Shouldn't the docs be the ones doing the limiting?

    Who in heck would want to live in NYC with this overbearing nanny in charge? Can't buy a large slurpee, fats and salt are restricted in restaurants by his orders, sounds like just the mayor Beijing needs!

    For those who don't get the reference, Dr. Cocteau is the chief administrator of the City of San Angeles in the movie Demolition Man, who has created a sanitized utopia.
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    In any ER I ever was unfortunate enough to end up in, the only thing I ever got in the way of pain killers was a written prescription for one, and a few tablets to hold me over till I could get the paper copy filled at a pharmacy. I was under the assumption that all ER's operated the same way.
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    He is such a control-freak - no medical training, but he thinks he can legislate away prescription drug addiction? Hello?
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