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Thread: Sign language?

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    Sign language?

    A couple of the shows I've been watching have characters that use sign language. I've been thinking lately how interesting it would be to learn. The problem is as far as I can find there are no classes or schools that teach it where I live. It would probably be pointless to learn anyway since I'd have no one to practice it with but I've always thought it would be neat to learn. Is it possible to learn from the internet (if so any sites you'd recommend?) also is there a point in learning it with no one to talk to? I'd assume I can't learn it properly without someone telling me I'm doing it right/wrong. I've always wanted to know another language and use it for work some how...It's so small here though. Bleh.

    Anyone here know sign language?

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    I just know a few words in sign language. There are different versions in different parts of the world, I know some ASL - American Sign Language. I am betting you can learn online, as it is so visually based. CountryWolf07 knows ASL - Rachel - maybe PM her about what the best way to learn it would be!
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    Don't know where you live but you must have a communitry library? They have books on sign language , has pictures to show you how to place your hands and fingers. I'm sure if you ask around you might be surprised to find there's sign club in your city. But try the library and see what you find there..

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    I am fluent in Sign Language. I took 3 years in High school and then right out of high school I started interpreting at a summer camp for handicap kids-being deaf was considered one of those handicaps! I absolutely love signing. It is not my profession, but I'd really like to eventually become a full time interpreter! I'm a very visual person so sign language seemed super easy for me to pick up. Some great sites are and

    What's really great is dogs can actually pick up on signs too. And teaching a baby to sign is fun as well

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    I've always loved sign language since I was a child. I had books that taught me the alphabet. Then when I was in high school my SIL and I took a college sign language course. Only I had to drop out of it because the mid-term was while I would be away at cheerleading camp and the teacher would NOT work with me on it.
    Then I had a visitor over 5 years ago that was deaf so I picked up on some signs while she was here. I would love to take classes on it again.
    I think you can teach yourself the basics. However, it is best to be around people that use it regularly so you can absorb it from them. Like someone said, look online, there might be some kind of meeting group or something you could join.
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    I would be neat if everyone knew it, provided it was the same all over the world.

    A friend of mine is blind, he gave me the tools for writing Braille and I have done it several times. Reading it is another matter.

    The Morse code is also interesting, I know most of the letters and numbers. Can anyone tell what this says?

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    Before I retired, I managed a small print shop and had two deaf employees. At first I could fingerspell but didn't know many signs. One of the employees knew general printing equipment, but not our specific press. He did learn the press, even with me fingerspelling. With classes, I did learn signs which made it much easier and quicker. We even made up our own signs to describe specific tasks. No one signs where I live now.


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