See photos here who will be at the event!

Don't know what a "wobbly" cat is??? Come to K9Kastle's kitty adoption event at Unleashed by PETCO in Park Slope Sunday (12-5) and find out! They will be available for adoption. Cerebellar Hypoplasia is a condition that K9Kastle specializes in. We love the abby-normal ones. CH is a condition cats are born with that causes their motor skills to be not so great. It doesn't affect overall longevity or health. Most can't jump, so if you don't want kitties on your counters, then these are the guys for you!.

We also have so-call "normal" cats and kittens who ALL need homes for the holidays! All of them come spayed or neutered, vaccinated, tested (negative), most are microchipped and there is a free vet visit available at one of our vets. There is an adoption process (can usually be done onsite) and a donation ($100/one or $150/two). All of our kitties are rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed with the utmost care and love.

Thank you! Emily