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Thread: My sweet baby SOURPATCH went to the rainbow bridge this morning

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ID:	55672Thanks again everyone for your kind words.
    I don't have any kids of my own so the cats are my babies

    My husband was talking to one of the neighbors that
    use to live on the block and he said that Sourpatch was more like 16-18
    So I know he lived a good life and I know he would have never made it through
    another winter outside the year I brought him in.

    So he had 5 years of all the food he could eat and he ate like a piggy)
    all the love and cuddles he wanted and had his choice of about 6-10 cat beds.
    he was a bully so he got what he wanted! And he loved to lay in front of the wall vent
    And when I went to BJ Wholesale he hung out in the boxes for a few days.

    {His nickname was the crabby old man}

    When I brought him in that morning I thought they were going to give him sub q liquids again and maybe a multi vitamin
    I was not prepared or ready to say goodbye.
    I miss him everyday but if I had brought him back from the vet that day it would have been for me not for him
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