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Thread: The kind of tucker Tucker likes.....

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    The kind of tucker Tucker likes.....

    Tuck is one crazy dog. He loves to hang around and see what food I am eating.

    He has expanded his palate by waiting at my foot to see what is left on my plate.

    I was a little shocked to know that he has never eaten Mexican food, especially the spicy stuff, So I have endeavoured to see what he will and will not eat.

    He won't eat lettuce, but loves the dressing, there are other things that he will put into his mouth, spit onto the ground and look up at me with that, "What the h*ll are you feeding me?"


    One of his favorite things?

    Pickled carrots.

    I buy the jars of the pickled veggies to snack on and one day the dog was hanging around waiting for a snack.

    I was experimenting with the different veggies and found out the he goes nuts for the carrots.

    To the point that he sits up on his haunches and waits for me to drop one into his mouth.

    Now, I have to be kinda sneaky when I open up a jar.

    He won't get the cauliflower, onions or celery - but I do have to share my carrots with him.....

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    Oh Richard, you are too funny!

    Please be cautious! Dogs and spicy do not mix -- it tends to come out the other end rather fast and loose if you know what I mean!!! Their tummies are not meant to eat spicy things. Stick to things closer to what they would find in the wilds.

    I've never had pickled carrots. But carrots raw are a wonderful treat for dogs! Helps to keep their teeth clean, it is something they eat in the wild, pulling them up and having a nice munch. Most dogs love carrots, and Tucker is typical as you've discovered!

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    He is wise not to eat the onions, they are not good for him, and can be toxic in large quantities. But carrots were our St. Bernard Freckles' favorite!
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    I'd definitely stay away from the spicy stuff, unless you want a pooch with a bad upset tummy. Myndi loves her veggies and she gets some of the canned variety in every meal - either carrots or green beans or beets along with boiled potatoes. Sparky always loved them too - but he loved food in general! He would go bonkers over cantaloupe in the summer.
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