Over the past month, I've adopted three cats from New York and am about to adopt a fourth. Not that we don't have plenty of cats needing homes in Seattle, but at least we are embracing the no-kill movement. In New York, they take seasoned street cats into the ACC where they are killed within days. They are supposed to be TNR'd, but they are not. Every night, a list of cats to be killed the next day is posted; some look terrible (though I've seen photos of some of them a few weeks after they have been pulled and they look great) and others are your average, healthy house-cat. That could be seen in any city, but these numbers are very high, sometimes 50 cats are posted for one night and the city does little to promote adoption or fostering. The rescues in the area do an amazing job, pulling cats they know they will be caring for their whole lives, ones who are adoptable with a little care, those with special needs but they are staggeringly overwhelmed.

Here is a petition link with accompanying information. Please sign if you feel you can:


By the way, you don't have to live in the US to sign.

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