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Thread: Can people learn to control their dogs?!? *RANT*

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    Can people learn to control their dogs?!? *RANT*

    I was just out walking Mikey, I didn't even see this dog running down the block because I was turned the other way.

    Mind you, it IS a little llasa opso or whatever. But anyway, she runs up and starts fighting Mikey out of nowhere. This dog absolutely hates other dogs, she goes crazy at the sight of another dog around and it doesn't take a single thing for her to start attacking. I am just standing there helpless. The kids were running down the block from several houses away but what can I do? I really didn't want to kick the dog or anything but I was about to defend my innocent friendly dog who's on his leash. Mikey started going after her too, and I think he may have gotten her pretty good. Not to the point of stitches or anything but enough to make her bleed. I didn't get to see because the kid quickly got her, apologized and ran home.

    Seems like a complete accident, right? Yeah, sure.

    This is the second time it's happened in 3 months!

    I just don't get it. I really don't. Mikey is a tank compared to this dog. What if the dog was some dog aggressive massive dog? This dog would be a squeak toy for a lab.

    Mind you, I had just come home from running errands a few moments before and had helped a lost dog find her way home. I guess no good deed goes unpunished

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    Thank goodness you and Mikey are okay! At least the kid apologized, maybe be next time you see him, you could suggest leash and obedience training!
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    Glad you and Mikey are OK!

    Yes, people can control their dogs, you are proof of that. But not everyone does, not everyone even sees the need for it. Owners of small breeds are the worst (so I hear) in terms of training.

    Maybe sometime you can talk excitedly to the kids about how much fun it is to take classes with your dog, and to learn how to communicate with her / him using body language? That may help some.

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    I've had this happen to me before and there isn't much one can do except be careful that your own dog doesn't get hurt. Speaking with the owners seldom helps , I find some people just don't care. One thing I did learn to do was carry a water pistol and I would use it when I had to, worked pretty well actually. I didn't like to try speaking sharply to the dog and try to chase it away because that seems to make our own dogs more alert to the fact that this should not be happening. A water pistol is quiet and doesn't hurt the other dog, but some just hate getting wet in the face.

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    I'm sorry that has happened more then once. I wish people would smarten up with their pets I'm glad you and Mikey are ok though!

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    Wow, twice? Do people never learn?

    At least it wasn't a huge dog, but still, what if it had been a crazy big dog? Mikey could have got seriously injured. People are complete idiots when it comes to controlling their dogs.

    I HATE when I take Brennan out and people are letting their dogs run loose. I never know how Brennan is going to react because he is selectively dog aggressive with certain dogs, especially those larger than him. People don't realize how stupid they're being.
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    Oh, I feel your pain, all too well.
    There used to be one house in the neighborhood that had a collie mix. No matter what, if that dog was outside when I walked Ethan past, we would get charged and snapped at. I talked directly to the owner and complained to city officials, but when you have a "big" last name in this town (as the owner of the dog did), you can get away with just about anything. I eventually just chose a different route to walk the dogs, as I got tired of taking the chance of Ethan seriously hurting the other dog. It really sucks to have to sacrifice your right to walk your dog because of just one ignorant owner. :/

    Anyway, glad to hear Mikey is alright! Good luck dealing with the problem dog/owner.
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