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This is time sensitive and URGENT!!!! There is transport to San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles and Riverside Counties!!!

Tragic news for two 9 year old female Cats !!!! They are losing their home and need immediate placement ASAP!!!!!

There were originally 3, the diabetic kitty has rescue! And these 2 precious girls need help desperately please,owner has lost employment and unable to keep ......

These 2 girls are both vetted and are indoor kitties who are loosing their home!!!!

They are in S. California and the owner will drive them to safety!!!

PLEASE EMAIL ME AT [email protected]
thebeachcomber (AT) hotmail dot com

Sassy 9 Year old Tortie is a multiple person cat, preferably females, though she may attach herself to one family member. She's extremely social and will even say hi to strangers in the home. She is overweight, but doesn't seem to have any trouble with it. (Also showing no signs of diabetes.) She doesn't necessarily agree with other cats, however, she can learn to tolerate them.
(In my home she's a little ostracized hence attaching to one family member.)

Sadie 9 Year old Black Kitty is definitely a one person cat. She is largely a lap cat and seems to know exactly when you are going to sit down as she will be right by your side waiting. Her nose is crooked due to an encounter with an owl after escaping one night. It doesn't bother her, but it will make her eye water every now and again. She is also extremely loving and will definitely let you know when something is wrong. (She's got quite the mouth on her if her box is too dirty, her water needs changing, or if she just wants love.) She, however, is the perfect little old lady cat as she is pretty low maintenance, very clean, and very affectionate.