Mom said it's been awhile since you guys have seen me. Mom said she thinks she last posted pics of me on my birfday. Well being 5 isn't really different! Mom says I am still a psycho, whatever that means! Moms been super busy and I don't like it But she's been taking me on a couple of hikes, and she promises there'll be more once "MATH" has stopped consuming her life. We've had a crazy few weeks with this thing called a Hurricane!

This is me during the blackout! Mom said I was really annoying because I like to chase flashlights!

This is me tryna stay warm without the HEAT! AWFUL!

This hat helped a little but I didn't like it!

This is when we went hiking! I am smiling 'cause I like hiking!

This is me and mom! This is when we got stuck at the park with a flat tire!

This is the first Christmas pic of the season!