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Thread: Geez, it's been awhile!

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    Geez, it's been awhile!


    Mom said it's been awhile since you guys have seen me. Mom said she thinks she last posted pics of me on my birfday. Well being 5 isn't really different! Mom says I am still a psycho, whatever that means! Moms been super busy and I don't like it But she's been taking me on a couple of hikes, and she promises there'll be more once "MATH" has stopped consuming her life. We've had a crazy few weeks with this thing called a Hurricane!

    This is me during the blackout! Mom said I was really annoying because I like to chase flashlights!

    This is me tryna stay warm without the HEAT! AWFUL!

    This hat helped a little but I didn't like it!

    This is when we went hiking! I am smiling 'cause I like hiking!

    This is me and mom! This is when we got stuck at the park with a flat tire!

    This is the first Christmas pic of the season!

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    Hey, Mikey! What are blackouts for if not for chasing flashlights, right? Sorry you wuz cold, gotta learn to like sweaters in case it ever happens again, I guess!
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    Mikey, you are still one of the cutest puggles I have seen. Sorry to hear you were without heat for a while. I know how much of a downer that can be, Ethan doesen't tolerate the cold well either. Glad to see you got to enjoy some hikes, though! Tell your momma that she shouldn't deprive us of Mikey pictures anymore. (:
    (PS: I spy a Pikachu!)

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    Woo hoo!!! Just when I needed a pick me up I come here and find a ton of pics of my fav little boy - MIKEY!!!! Thank you to you both for sharing.
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    Hi, Mikey, cutie! I'm glad you and Mom are okay after the storm! (((HUGS)))
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