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Thread: Willy has started a new class: Nose Work!

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    Willy has started a new class: Nose Work!

    Willy is still in Agility, and has now started classes in Nose Work, as well.

    Tonight was our second class. For the start, we are getting the dog to use his nose, working with food in boxes. We will progress to closed boxes, containers, and move on from there. This is a relatively new dog sport, and it is great for older dogs who aren't able to race around. It gives them plenty of mental stimulation. One member of our class is a 1 year old Bouvier who is blind from age, nothing more.

    Willy really enjoys this class, he caught on to the 'game' with the boxes quickly. It is fascinating sitting watching the dogs "work."

    If we continue in the program, we can go to the point of competing in trials. There, the dog is tested on indoor room searches, outdoor searches, and vehicle searches. The use oil essences for scent, not food, so we have plenty of training to do before we even think about that.

    I've spent 5 years in obedience training. Even Agility is based on obedience, many of the same commands are used. First thing the instructor advises us in Nose Work: forget everything you know about obedience, you do NOT want to do ANY of that!

    Here is a link for anyone interested:
    You can poke around on that link -- I didn't give you the home page, I gave you the page with class photos, showing dogs working with boxes in the initial training stage.

    BTW Riley has also started Agility classes and it doing really well in that too!

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    Awww - your pups are so darn smart. All that The Fuzzbuttz ever learned how to do - and with perfection - was to lay around and look adorable! They really took the task quite seriously, too.
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    Wow, thats really interesting. I hadn't heard of them doing this as a sport. I think that it is something Ethan might enjoy, but I already checked and there are no classes anywhere near us.

    Oh well, it sounds like Willy is having fun at it, and I hope he continues to do well!

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    Here is a link to the organization:

    Casper, check with places near you that offer Agility and Flyball. Our instructor isn't listed on the website and I asked her why at our second class. She said she has taken many seminars, attended their 2 week camp, and has signed up for the instructor course. Since this is a new sport, there aren't many "trainers to train the trainers" as yet, and she's been told the waiting list is 14 months! She has her dog certified for NW1 and NW 2 and working on NW3. So she can teach us through NW1 comfortably and wouldn't consider taking us beyond that level. Still, we have plenty of things to learn!

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    Nosework sounds really fun. There is a lady in my agility class who teaches nosework classes, so I have heard a bit about it from her So far Taggart and I are only focused on agility though but I must say I am intrigued.

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    Yay, Willy and Riley! Wishing you all the best in your training classes!
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