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Thread: World AIDS/HIV Day

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    World AIDS/HIV Day

    It's World AIDS/HIV Day today... I just thought I'd drop by and let all of you who doesn't know what December 1st is know about it. I lit a candle in rememberance today and went to a meeting bout it too. Well... That's all I wanted to say

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    Thanks for starting this thread Ann. I used to volunteer for a HIV/Aids clinic I made a lot of good friends while I was there. I'm hoping to stop by later and say hello to everyone. I also lit a candle this morning and covered up my artwork in my house. I'm not sure if they do that in Sweeden, but in the US, World AIDS Day is also known as the Day Without Art. The University of Arizona is really good about covering up artwork on this day. I';m not sure if they did it this year since it landed on a Sunday, but the last few years all the paintings in the student union and some of the statues on campus get covered in respect for those who died from HIV.
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    AIDS/HIV Day is marked on my calendar too. My sorority was very active in trying spread AIDS Awareness.

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    Day Without Art? We don't do that in Sweden, but I understand the nice touch. Too bad I didn't know bout that; I would have covered all my art as well.

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    What is the whole art thing about? I don't understand why you would cover art up?

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