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    Hi Gimli, wow, how lucky are you to have such a great family! Fur sibs and all. I love that you're a goofball and make your human laugh. That is the best medicine of all you can give them and I'm sure it goes a long way in helping your human also beat cancer! Happy DOTD to you!
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    You're an adorable boy Gimli! I bet you're keeping your family very busy. Congrats on being DOTD! Have a fun day!
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    Precious Gimli!

    Hi Gimli! Happy Dog of the Day to you from everyone in this Labbie loving home, including Star the yellow Lab! And early happy Halloween wishes as well! (Orange is definitely your color, and no doubt you'll be playing plenty of tricks on your parents on that night of mischief!)

    What a handsome, simply labalicious boy you are, Gimli! Nothing like a goofy, fun loving, clownish prankster of a Labbie to put a smile on a human's face, and lucky family yours, they have 3 on board! The joy and love you kids brings to your humans' lives is a priceless gift indeed! And extra thanks to you, Gimli, for helping your Mom deal with her very serious health challenge. Nothing like the unconditional love, the comforting presence of a furry one to help heal the spirit and body! You truly are an angel, Gimli, heaven sent, and so very deserving of your "top dog" honors!

    Thanks for brightening my very stormy Cape Cod day with your beautiful self, and your heart melting photo spread (that group shot of you 3 is thud worthy)! Have a fun day, sweetheart, celebrating with Fodo and Pippin and your proud people, being spoiled rotten!
    Lots of love, hugs and happy Labbie wiggles to you and to Fodo and Pippin too, from me and Star!
    Long and happy life to you, precious Gimli!
    P.S...You all stay safe in this storm!
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    Hello Gimli, What a handsome pup you are! I enjoyed reading about you and seeing all the photod. My favorites are the first one with you and pumpkin and the pic of the three of you--very nice. I hope all of you have many years together. Congrats on being DOTD!

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    Gimli is perfection! I love his big smile and his dog friends are awsome too! Loved his Halloween scarf and he certainly appears to be a very good sport when it comes to bein' photographed! Hope Gimli gets extra high 5's and belly rubs Peace and love

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    Labradorable Gimli!

    Quote Originally Posted by Gimli's Person
    Gimli is a goof ball. He's a clown in Labrador fur. His personality is labradorable.
    Gimli, you are utterly Labradorable! And as tatsxxx11 said, labalicious! Huge hugs to you on your special day -- some for Frodo and Pippin, too! How wonderful that you helped your person through treatment for cancer. I think a pet is very good medicine. Happy, happy Dog of the Day to you, wonderful Gimli!
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    Hello Gimli,

    You are the cutest puppy and you look like a very happy boy too. Sounds like you have the
    bestest home any puppy could want. It's great that you have Lab buddies to play with. Congratulations
    on being chosen for honors as our delightful DOG OF THE DAY. Sending out lots of hugs & kisses for you.
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    Goofy Gimli!

    Gimli - you are such a lovable goofball! And you are part of a wonderful household!
    May everyday be Dog of the Day for the Golden Gimli!

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    Happy and a Healer...

    Such a Happy Boy and you helped heal your Mum !

    Beautiful and loving...

    Wonderful Boy....
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    Thank you!

    Thank you ALL for your wonderful posts and support for Gimli on his very special Dog of the day. It certainly made ALL of the Labradors Day since we celebrated with a special bone. Oh and You can't just give one dog a bone. All three celebrated in his honor. Thank you again for sharing your kind words about our beloved Gimli.
    Two paws up to our new pet lover friends!


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