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Thread: Moving when you have cats

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    Moving when you have cats

    I have contemplated moving closer to where I work off and on now for years. In the Winter I always wish I lived closer and then in the summertime I forget about it and all is good until Winter comes again.

    One of the reasons I don't put the house up for sale and start packing is because of the 3 cats. I have no idea how I would show the house with the 3 of them living here. If I go to a realtor I have to worry about them coming in the house when I am not here and possibly letting one of them outside by accident.

    I also wonder how I would move Tinker and Mama. Neither one of them will get into a carrier and haven't been out of the house in probably 3 years.

    I really need some suggestions here on how this could be accomplished if I decide I want to move.

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    As for showing your house, keep the kitties in a room with the door closed, with food, water, LB, toys, etc with a sign on the door in all CAPS saying "DO NOT OPEN DOOR". Make sure to tell the realtor to not open the door and the reason why. Take pictures of the room & post them on the door to the room.

    I also put my cats in their room when the movers where loading my stuff onto their truck.

    As for the two who have never been in a carrier before, a good trick to use is setting the carrier on end with the opening up. Then cradle the kitty one hand around the belly and the other holding the back legs together. Gently lower her into the carrier, and close the door. They may get mad and b**** about being in there, but they will settle down soon.

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    I would advise getting Tinker and Mama more accustomed to the carrier on an everyday basis. It is better to start now, after all, what would you do if you had an emergency and needed to evacuate with them? Leave the carrier out, try putting some treats just inside it, then further inside it ... do all this now, before you absolutely need to, and everyone will be better off.
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