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Thread: Adorable Kodo

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    Adorable Kodo

    Kodo what an adorable fellow you are!!!

    I loved seeing your wonderful pictures. The one of you sleeping with a happy smile on your face has me smiling right back at you. Talk about lizard bliss!!! I am so glad that your human found you and your sisters and got you out of that awful home you were in. Please thank him/her for sharing you with us.
    I hope you are both enjoying your special day.

    Congratulations, sweetie, on being our very special Pet of the Day!!!
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    Kodo the survivor!

    Hi Kodo! Happy Pet of the Day!
    Oh, what a brave and beautiful, simply precious Gecko you are, Kodo! I had tears in my eyes, reading your guardian's heartfelt tribute to his/her beautiful friend! I don't think any of else will ever understand how uncaring, negligent, or even abusive, humans can be to their companion animals; supposed family members. As your person says, especially regarding your species, all it takes is some good food and clean water, simply housing, and warmth...from a lamp and a have a happy life.

    Great thanks to your devoted and wise guardian for rescuing you and all of your Geckos sisters, getting you all back on your feet, ready to take on your new lives! He/she is a hero in my book! But you, Kodo, you hit the pot at the end of the rainbow when your person chose you to be her/his very own. I'm sorry to hear that you may have suffered some permanent damage to your mobility But despite your small challenge, it's clear you haven't let your disability keep you from enjoying every minute of your wonderful new life, that your human loves you just the way you are...unconditionally!
    Thanks to your person for sharing your very special story, your heart melting photos with us all!; love the one of you sleeping SO peacefully! It was truly an honor to meet you both, to have the chance to pay tribute to you, and all that you mean to your guardian!
    Enjoy your much deserved day in the spotlight, Kodo! I'm an extra serving of crickets and wax worms,will be on today's menu!
    Lots of love to you, beautiful Kodo! Long and happy life to you!

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    Hey there, handsome Kodo! So nice to hear you have a good, loving home and are now well cared for and can put the past behind you. I wish you a long and happy life with your devoted guardian, getting lots of meal worms when you lick your window. Happy POTD!

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    Hello Kodo!! I must admit, when I first saw your pictures I was thinking "Oh dear, this gecko has MBD!!" I'm so glad that you're in a good home now with a person who knows how to keep you healthy!! You are a very handsome gecko!!

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    Kodo is so pretty and whoever you are that took Kodo and the rest of the crew in, you are a pretty fine person. Love that you did that, and also for you was pretty much a given that ya would. Kodo is so lucky and the world is a better place with both of yous in it! Peace and love


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