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Thread: Why Won't she bark???????????

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    Why Won't she bark???????????

    My Dog Ruby dos'nt bark why?

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    I'm not sure but my mom's Doberman didn't bark either. She had to teach him. Even then she said he sounded like a dieing seal.

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  3. #3 offense to dying seals anywhere () but that's so funny to

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    How old is Ruby , Petna ??

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    And with so many people who complain that their dog (or, more often, their neighbor's dog) barks too much, why worry? Keep you quiet baby and love her extra!

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    I agree with Karen, most people complain that their dogs bark too much!! Like Lady, she barks whenever someone opens the door, even if it is us!! Of course she is a police dog so she is just protecting us but it gets annoying!! We also get lots of complaints from neighbors because she barks so loud outside late at night!! Anyway, if Ruby does not bark, you should not worry about that and just accept her for being a quiet doggy!
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    I guess Iam luky + shes 7 mounths

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    Why won't my dog stop barking? J/k. Be thankful!
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