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Can't someone take her until a foster is found??? She can't exist much longer, no food, no water, etc.
Central Park is a dangerous place for her to be.

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Dumped in Central Park, she needs a foster or adopter to start living some kind of normal life again, where she doesnít have to scrounge for scraps and sleep out in the cold!

At 5 - 7 years old, sheís been trying to make it on her own in the Big City (or Big Park).

She is shy (but also very talkative!); we donít know if that is from being outside and away from people for a while or, if it is her nature. Likewise, we donít know what kind of spay, etc. she has had. However, if she has a place to go, we can vet her for you and find out!

> But at one time she was definitely someoneís cat.

Can you help Marigold? The streets are no place for a lady.

Contact Courtney at 347-515-8225; or [email protected]