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Thread: PROBLEM!! new puppy meeting first dog

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    PROBLEM!! new puppy meeting first dog

    Hello people! Please help me out
    I have a longhaired teckel, 2 years old, male.
    Very sweet and intelligent dog.
    Recently i bought a puppy.
    For him as a friend, when we go walking.
    So he also has one of "his kind"
    We go walking a lot and we are good friends.
    Now i bought this puppy..
    It's at home with my dog.
    I try to give more attention to my first dog, the 2 year old one.
    And i also try to show him its HIS dog.
    for him
    i think they have to find each other, but i'm worried about one thing
    my dog avoids me a bit, it's like he says "bah u took a new dog"
    it isnt like that, he has to realise that
    my dog seems to be jealous and hurt .
    Do they have to find each other? they only been together for a couple hours. Or do i have a problem? i dont know
    my dog seems bit sad, jealous and hurt in his feelings.
    the puppy dog is very playfull (duh), my dog is like more staring at it all the time, and sometimes jumping away from the new little dog and from me too
    is everything going normal? does it take time? WHAT should i do?
    my older dog is really making me worry a LOT
    he should be happy, not hurt!
    maybe it takes time.. please advice me

    thx in advance


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    Give them some time - it IS a big adjustment, but as long as you keep paying attention to the older dog, letting him know you still love him, and supervise them carefully for a few days, I bet they will work things out. Like any "parent" bringing home a new "sibling" there is bound to be a period of adjustment! Does Teckel have his own toys that he can keep seperate from the baby? Keep reassuring him that you still love him!

    Welcome to Pet Talk. What breed of dogs are each of them?

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    thx a lot for your reply karen!
    okay, i'll make sure i continue to give the oldest a lot of attention
    i'll also continue to play with him with HIS toys
    the older dog is a longhaired teckel, a daschhund
    2 years old
    the puppy is a cross of a teckel with a lhasa
    thx a lot for ur help
    i feel a LOT less worried now

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    I can relate to your worry! We took in a female stray ( Abby?10mo.) into our home this past summer & we have a 3 yr. old male named Buddy . Well they played great together outside but for several weeks my dog Buddy was really put out - he slept outside for 2 nights because he wouldn't come in!LOL And then Buddy didn't want to eat with Abby around.
    So I gave Buddy some special time alone and after they figured out who was alpha it has worked out good. 90% of the time they are good buddy's and somedays they won't even go near each other! And many times I thought this isn't working but several people on here said to take it slow and it will work.

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    thx a lot! great news!

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    Whats a teckel?

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