I have a male cat named Stanley who I have had for 5 years since he was a kitten. He has always been a happy cat who used to greet us when we got in from work and spend loads of time with us and let us pet him loads etc. This all changed however when we got a new female kitten named Winnie 2 months ago, ever since then he has been really sad he never talks to us anymore, he won't let us pet him, and hardly ever spends time with us, he just comes in when he's hungry. He has a sad face . He is always wanting more food too when he never used to eat too much. My kitten always jumps on him etc which must be horrible for him, we move her but then Stanley attacks her and then runs out.

I hate seeing him like this, he used to be so happy and loving and never he's nothing like how he used to be I feel horrible for bringing the kitten home. What can I do to make him happy again? Should I find a new home for Winnie? I hoped by now he'd be ok but he's still depressed.