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Thread: My cat has been depressed since we brought home a kitten 2 months ago.

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    My cat has been depressed since we brought home a kitten 2 months ago.

    I have a male cat named Stanley who I have had for 5 years since he was a kitten. He has always been a happy cat who used to greet us when we got in from work and spend loads of time with us and let us pet him loads etc. This all changed however when we got a new female kitten named Winnie 2 months ago, ever since then he has been really sad he never talks to us anymore, he won't let us pet him, and hardly ever spends time with us, he just comes in when he's hungry. He has a sad face . He is always wanting more food too when he never used to eat too much. My kitten always jumps on him etc which must be horrible for him, we move her but then Stanley attacks her and then runs out.

    I hate seeing him like this, he used to be so happy and loving and never he's nothing like how he used to be I feel horrible for bringing the kitten home. What can I do to make him happy again? Should I find a new home for Winnie? I hoped by now he'd be ok but he's still depressed.


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    Does he have places he can go in the house that she cannot get to? Do you give him some time just with him, giving him individual attention every day? Do they eat together, and if so, you should try feeding him first, and letting him get his fill before you feed her ...
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    Two months isn't really that long. Did you keep the kitten separate from your older kitty for a couple of days and gradually introduce him?

    Give him extra love and treats, make sure he knows he is still special. That's all I can suggest...the rest will take time.
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    He will adjust. Give him extra love and attention separate from the kitten and make sure he knows he is special. It does take awhile sometimes.

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    I brought home my kitten two years ago and my older female still doesn't like him. Now, she's not stressed out, but she hisses, growls and screams at him when he tries to play with her. At first I noticed she seemed to be depressed, just like you are describing with Stanley. But from the beginning I developed a routine (after the initial separation period). Each morning when I get up Jax, the kitten, goes into "his room" and Paizly gets the rest of the house with me. I also go into Jax's room and spend some time with him alone too. Then they stay separate until my boyfriend gets up a couple hours later and he lets Jax out. That gives Paizly time without having to deal with the annoying little brother.
    Sometimes, (like this morning at 2am!!) he just won't leave her alone so he goes into his room just so we can sleep. It might sound mean, but he has everything he could possibly want in that room. Food, litter box, cat tree at the window and TONS of toys!! And his very own twin size human bed to sleep on. He never cries when he's in there either.
    So please give it some more time. And make sure to spend quality time with Stanley without Winnie around. Also spend time with Winnie playing and getting her tired out so she won't bug Stanley so much.
    Good luck!!
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    Poor Stanley. Having this young interloper must be quite horrible for him.

    I think you have some good suggestions - other things I might add is give him his own litterbox, and get some of those kitty toys on strings and try to expend some of Winnie's boundless energy so she's less likely to think of sweet Stanley as one of her kitty toys.

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