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Thread: Queen Jazzette

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    WHOA!!! I have NEVER seen such a shiny coat. What a beauty....HAPPY COTD!!!!!!!!
    Nine is Fine!!

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    Jazzette - you are so pretty and regal-looking! I love your pics - and the one of you and the other Maine Coons is priceless!
    I can tell that you all have a wonderful life! Enjoy being Cat of the Day today!

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    So beautiful you are Jazzette! Hoping you had an amazing day and were given lots of treats and love. Congratulations on being Cat of the Day!

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    Queen Jazzette thanks all of you :)

    To all,

    Jazzette thanks all of you for these soooooooooooooo nice words. Yes, of course she is proud ;-)
    Yes the birds - a big daily show for all 5 Coons family.
    Ohh yes, her coat is so soft.
    They are all quite spoiled...thanks to love We have for them, and we are sure you understand, don't you?
    Yes, vaccum works often, hopefully we have a good one

    There is no fun club yet, but we realise it should be

    Yes, we should think of presenting one by one of our Coonies.

    Thank you very much to all of you for your deep and touching worlds.

    Mom, Dad and 5 feline Coonies beauties


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