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Thread: Punishment not enough for this guy!

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    Punishment not enough for this guy!

    I almost never post in this section but I am so upset about this. This happened in a town near where I work.
    This guy got off so easy for what he did!!!!

    Back in the summer a dog was found tied to a cinderblock and dumped in the river. Everyone around here was horrified thinking there was a dog killer on the loose.

    What happened was this man shot and killed this German Shephard because it was interfering with his trapping!

    All this guy received was a $600.00 fine and 90 days with electronic monitoring!!!!

    If you want to read the entire story it is here:

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    I hope this guy rots in hell!
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    At least he was caught, you know how many of these cases go unsolved? That's disgusting, really. Instead fo being a decent normal human being and finding the dogs owner, and asking them to keep the dogs OFF your kill it. Disgusting. I can understand being mad about dogs that aren't yours on your property, but obviously, this man has some issues. There are other ways of dealing with things like this.
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    This pathetic excuse for a life form really got over! His despicable act of cruelty was totally uncalled for. Chase the dogs away, complain to their owners, there were other humane options.

    This reminded me of a case of animal abuse here in New Jersey a few years back. We were having a pretty cold winter, a woman abandoned a cat in the woods on a very cold night. While I don't remember all the details, she was caught and arrested. When her case got to court the judge ordered her to spend a night in the woods where she abandoned the poor kitty. On one of the coldest nights of that winter the state police took her to the site, dropped her off, then stayed to make sure she served the sentence. We need more judges like this one!


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