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Thread: Still in my heart Nike

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    Still in my heart Nike

    Well tommorrow will be three months since I lost Nike I sure do miss him so much sure Braggo is a wonderful dog and has built up a really strong bond with me he wont leavre my side but then again Nike wouldnt eather he was my constant my smile when I could find no reason to smile. If he would have passed any other way than he way he did I think I could just remember the happy times but I saw the whole thing to this day I cant go to that part of our yard. I have him buried right out back and spent about a hr out there with him today I still cant belive I will never be able to hold my little buddy. He had no tail so when he got happy he would just wiggle his whole hind qurter it was just to cute or the way he would just have to fix all the covers on the bed so they were just right I miss all of this and so much more Well Nike I love you still and always will your human daddy Tim

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    I am sure he will always be in your heart, once a pet gets in there, it is permanent! And hey, even my beloved Gracie, the Great Dane mix we had when I was a kid through college and all that, even though she was a big dog with a long, whip-like tail, she still wagged the whole back half of the dog, and when she was happy enough, she's end up hitting herself in the nose with her own tail as a result!
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