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Thread: If you live in CANADA:

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    If you live in CANADA:

    IF YOU LIVE IN CANADA: (the following is paraphrased from a posting by Debbra McKnight Thomas)

    1. pet food in Canada is not regulated;
    2. Canadian law does not require manufacturers to list where a pet food product is made on the packaging.

    So, products can put "quality tested in Canada" on first glance seems good but could also mean that the product was made in China. Since no one has been able to identify the actual cause of the illness from repeated testing of the treats Made in China, "quality testing" is no longer reassuring if you don't really know where they were made.
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    ThanK you so much for the information. Gonna have to let this sink in for a wee bit.

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    Well ,we checked all our cat chow, wet and dry and it comes originally from new Zealand or Switzerland so our cats are safe from the Chinese for now. , I don't think we read the fine print often enough, very important, thanks so much for the reminder.

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    Well my mom gave me some dog treats a couple days ago. And I'm actually pretty upset now...They're chicken treats imported from China. It's something I'd never have bought on my own. And especially since mom JUST told me about treats causing kidney failure but she was very vague. I can't believe she knew about it and gave them to me. I only gave the dogs 1 treat from it. Do you think they'll be ok? Zeke pee'd on the floor yesterday, now I'm worried.

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    For 1 treat, they will be alright, no worries. whatever is causing the problem, seems that it builds up over time.

    I would throw away the rest -- in fact, that is what I did when I found some I had purchased by mistake and I couldn't find the receipt to return them.


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