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Thread: Sissy & LilGirl eating persimmons-video

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    Sissy & LilGirl eating persimmons-video

    Tues, Sept 25 2012
    Here's Sissy, LilGirl, and Annie outside. All 3 like persimmons but Annie wasnt eating any when I did the video. Also you'll see Sissy running for cookies which are really Cheerios. Sissy will be 8 mos old on Oct 1.

    I uploaded one photo and in the preview it is HUGE.... sorry... dont know why it's so big
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    I'll reply to my post. The photo that was HUGE in the preview fits when I really posted it which is a good thing. It was the first time we've taken both girls and they did great in the car and in the store. I thought perhaps Wild child Sissy would be trouble but she was a good girl; both of them did good. Also they were so enthralled with PetsMart that they forgot to be snippy & nippy with each other.
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    Can't watch the video at work. But the photo is adorable!! I love how LilGirl's tongue is sticking out. Looks like she's doing it on purpose to Sissy. LOL
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    The picture is just adorable! Your videos always make me smile and smile. Sissy is just the cutest little fluff ball.

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    Hi, Sissy and Lil Girl! I can't get the video to play (it's this computer) but the picture of you two in the blue shopping cart is soooo cute!
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    Oh what fun! All three of them and James as well, woo hoo!!!!

    So funny to watch Sissy running, just a bundle of fluff moving through the grass, ha haaa, so cute! And Annie, aw, sweet lady just watching Mom and wondering when SHE can have some cheerios. Lil Girl is really too busy with persimmons to pay attention to any of you!

    First time in PetsMart? Oh well, will have to make that a regular field trip, now! Thanks, Kay, I enjoy seeing your pups all the time. Looks like you had a nice sunny day that day too!

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    Yes, Sissy is like a puff running. I often call her fluffy or puffy. No, it wasnt the first time we've been to PetsMart as we've taken LilGirl several times. Sissy had never been before. It was the first outing for BOTH of them at the same time. I felt bad taking just one of them so we decided to brave it and take both at the same time and were pleasantly surprised at how well behaved they were. Nice thing was that LilGirl forgot to be sort of mad at Sissy and Sissy forgot to want to touch her and play with her so they got along good in the shopping cart and car.

    oh, Annie gets plenty of Cheerios when we walk. I guess she was just observing us when I took the video.

    Guess what I just noticed (and changed it in my post)? It is PetsMart not PetSmart. I think I've been calling it PetSmart--noticed it on the shopping cart and in your post.

    Thanks everybody for your comments. Glad you like my little girls.

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    Very cute video Especially Sissy the little fluff-ball full of energy.

    ....I had to look up persimmons though, never heard of those before, haha.

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    Very cute picture and video. Sissy & LilGirl really do look like sisters if you look at their eyes and facial features.
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    How great to see them both in the same cart - and being nice and peaceful. See - I knew it would happen eventually!
    Loved the video too. It amazing the energy that the little white ball of fuzz has. I wish she could give me some!!! It's so good to see LilGirl and Annie too, and of course to see Sissy so happy and healthy after all that she has gone thru in her short little life so far. Kisses to all 3 of your furkids.
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