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Thread: my cat has COPD

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    my cat has COPD

    hello !I have an eight-year old cat. Last year she started to cough when moving, she had no other symptoms. I asked for an X-ray, which showed she had pneumonia. I gave him Kevafet pills for 17 days. He was given steroid injection, In January 2012, X-ray result: infiltration remained in his lungs, with phonendoscope loud thrills can be heard. When given steroids, antibiotics she’s getting better for a 4-week period, then againg she’s having catarrhal coughs, hawks and there’s alway secretion from his nose though that’s waterclear The vet told that sh’s got a serious lung deformation, she connective tissues thickened there which cannot be cured. I do not want my cat to be given more steroids. Please help me with ideas or names of medicine for this disease. or same herb can exist to reduce the side effect of steroid? What can I do for Her? Thank you so much for answers.Éva from Hungary

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    Hello, Eva. I looked on the internet and found some information. No one here on Pet Talk is a professional (though we have a couple of vet technicians), but I found some information that tells about changes that can be made at home. It's also called Chronic Bronchitis.

    As for the steroids there are 'puffers' for cats. Ask your vet about them and how to use them. Maybe they would be a good choice for your cat.

    When things like cough suppressants are mentioned, please ask your vet first!

    Causes and symptoms of COPD
    There is no definitive underlying cause for COPD in cats, but a number of different factors are thought to contribute. Repeated exposure to irritants in the air, such as cigarette smoke, pollens or other allergens may be a potential trigger of COPD. Dental disease has also been linked to COPD, as bacteria from the mouth can travel into the cat's respiratory system.

    Treatment options
    While COPD is ultimately irreversible once it begins, cats can still undergo treatment to improve their quality of life with this chronic disorder. Pet owners may notice that the disease flares up at certain times or seasons, and each of these incidents may require a specific treatment plan. Cats with COPD may enter severe respiratory distress, which could require oxygen therapy at a veterinary hospital. On a routine daily basis it is likely that your veterinarian may recommend medications to lessen inflammation and to dilate the bronchioles (steroids) and give the cat a bit more room for air to get through. Cough suppressants can help cats cope with the chronic coughing associated with the disease. Air filters and other environmental changes may help lessen your cat’s exposure to inhaled irritants that may trigger signs of COPD.

    Pet owners will also have to address other areas of their cat's health once the animal is diagnosed with COPD. Overweight cats may have difficulty with the disease due to the lack of oxygen, so a weight loss plan might be a good idea for felines on the heavier side. Constant dental maintenance will also be important to ensure bacteria doesn't enter the lungs and cause a reaction.
    Exercise is particularly important, as it helps clear the secretion present in the airways, thereby making it easier for the cat to breath. However, exercise must only be implemented gradually, as it can also cause excessive coughing. Additionally, a balanced diet will help keep the cat fit, thus improving its breathing, attitude and exercise tolerance.

    Watch for excessive coughing and call your veterinarian immediately if it persists, as it may lead to a spontaneous loss of consciousness (syncope).
    Non-specific treatments for COPD may include diet modification to promote weight loss in the overweight pet. Your veterinarian may prescribe supplements that have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory or immune stimulant functions as supportive treatments.
    "Regular dental descaling, cleaning and polishing under general anesthesia is strongly recommended..."
    It is important to maintain good oral health in the cat with COPD. Daily tooth brushing is extremely beneficial to these patients. Regular dental descaling, cleaning and polishing under general anesthesia is strongly recommended to minimize the chance that bacteria from the mouth will cause a secondary infection in the inflamed respiratory tract.
    What is the success rate for treatment of COPD?

    This condition is non-reversible and often is slowly progressive. Appropriate treatment will slow the progression of the disease and will relieve distressing symptoms. With proper management, most cats with COPD enjoy a normal life expectancy and an excellent quality of life. Relapses may occur when the seasons change or if air quality is poor. Adjustments to medication dosages may be necessary at these times. Consult [your vet] clinic for specific advice if this occurs with your pet.
    COPD in cats is also called Asthma.

    [FONT='Franklin Gothic Medium', sans-serif]In cats the steroid of choice for asthma treatment is periodic injections of the long acting steroid Depo-Medrol. Asthma in dogs and cats can never be cured, but he disease can be successfully managed, with good quality of life attained. [/FONT]
    Your kitty will need medication of some kind. I hope these other ideas help. Please let us know how your kitty is doing.
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    dear Catty!Thank u very much ,so u think steroid nat so dangerous for my cat as i think?.i am afraid of the side effect of steroid.her this is oké the vet said and i always give her massage ,but for now i will clear too.Have a nice day from Éva

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    Steroids are not dangerous just because they are labeled "steroids" - that covers a whole range of medications. I have been given steroids (prednisone) for asthma attacks that got bad enough to be hospitalized. Yes, there were side effects - I got pink cheeks, and felt incredibly hungry, but it knocked back the inflammation and I was able to breathe again. And once the crisis was past, I gradually "stepped down" and the side effects went away.

    This may be similar to what they want to do for your kitty. I know some people end up on low-dose prednisone long term, but breathing IS important!
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    I'm sorry you are going through this with your cat, it must be very scary for you.

    Cats cope with steroids (prednisolone, not prednisone) very well, better than humans, and can be on them for years. I've fostered cats with asthma and early onset arthritis, and prednisolone was the only way to give them a good quality of life, and for many years. It's called the "feel good drug" and does make cats feel generally better. Just make sure she gets plenty of fluids. Does she eat wet food?

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    I have to agree on the comments made on steriods, Ash was on them for renal failure and Ellie was on them for her mouth condition, like all drugs they have their good and bad things, but cats tolerate them extremely well, so much better than humans, one side effect is it lowers their immunity ,so be aware of that, but if your vet has recommended them i would go for it if i were you, in the long run will help your cat so much.
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