hello !I have an eight-year old cat. Last year she started to cough when moving, she had no other symptoms. I asked for an X-ray, which showed she had pneumonia. I gave him Kevafet pills for 17 days. He was given steroid injection, In January 2012, X-ray result: infiltration remained in his lungs, with phonendoscope loud thrills can be heard. When given steroids, antibiotics she’s getting better for a 4-week period, then againg she’s having catarrhal coughs, hawks and there’s alway secretion from his nose though that’s waterclear The vet told that sh’s got a serious lung deformation, she connective tissues thickened there which cannot be cured. I do not want my cat to be given more steroids. Please help me with ideas or names of medicine for this disease. or same herb can exist to reduce the side effect of steroid? What can I do for Her? Thank you so much for answers.Éva from Hungary