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90% Chance Animal Control is going to be called in.

Does anyone have any ideas? Would the media help?


Hello everyone,

TNR is being done in a neighborhood (Union, NJ) in which the folks have complained to the town. The situation has escalated and fines, police orders and now forbidding to feed these homeless cats now has been put in place. These cats range from 5 months to young adults and are now frantically searching for food. The next step is for AC to come in and to remove them. We all know what that means! Litters of kittens have been removed, but more exist.

I know that it is not suggested to relocate these semi-ferals, but I am thinking about saving some them and if reducing the numbers will help and pacify the neighbors and the town……..then this is something that must be considered ASAP.

Does anyone know of a sanctuary, property etc. where I could bring (perhaps 4) of these semi-feral kittens? They will be vetted, but must be guaranteed that they will be taken cared of (shelter, food etc.). Some of these kittens may even turn around as these respond to one of the neighbors.

Can anyone assist and take-in a litter of kittens?

Are there other suggestions? Does someone have a contact with Best Friends?
Please help me help these homeless cats & kittens !!!

Thank You!