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Hi all,
There is a home owner that has been feeding for a few years. Now his neighbors have been complaining about the cats pooping in their yard. So on the recommendation of his vet, he has stopped feeding them in the hopes that they will go somewhere else. Well, they have not, they are still on his property losing weight. many people have offered suggestions for how to prevent them from pooping in the neighbor’s yard, but the home owner will not consider any options other than having the cats removed by animal control if necessary.

I finally convinced him to start feeding them again with the condition that I will remove them. He will pay for them to be fixed in exchange. But they cannot be released back onto his property. Please, I need sanctuary for them. They are somewhat feral. Can anyone take just one? All costs will be covered. This plea went around a few weeks ago. Nothing was done, so he stopped feeding them. I went out on a limb and got involved with the owner in order to get him to start feeding them again, now I need to follow through.

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