I heard about this on the radio and it gave me a smile!


'Turkey Fairy' leaves warm clothes

LYNDHURST, Ohio (CNN/WJW) - A good Samaritan in Ohio is getting a head start on the season of giving.

Someone has been leaving blankets, hats and gloves at a bus stop outside of Cleveland, Ohio. The anonymous donors also leaves a quick note signed "The Turkey Fairy."

Workers at the nearby Family Urgent Care Center discovered the anonymous donation.

"They just want people to recognize what they are doing to help other people and not focus on the person themselves. So I think that's really good. And it's kind of fun to figure out who may be doing it!" said Katie Trolio.

"There are so many negative stories on the news right now and around the world. And it makes me feel good to know that there are people who put it all aside and care about other people," said Nancy Greff.

Workers at the urgent care center believe "The Turkey Fairy" comes overnight. The donations are usually at the bus stop before the center opens at six in the morning.