The world seems to have its values skewed sometimes. Like, people will buy a celebrity a round of drinks or comp them dinner. The celebrity could probably buy everyone’s dinner and not miss the money. Heck, they could probably buy the restaurant itself with just their pocket change. But, people will give a rich person something “on the house” instead of giving it to the homeless person who might not have eaten for a while. So, I’ve always wondered about this and one day found myself in a sorta similar situation.

No, I’m not rich and I’m not a celebrity, but whenever I got my hair colored and cut, my hairdresser would load me down with a bag of free products and samples that she wanted me to try. Sure, she was hoping I would fall in love with some of them and become a repeat customer, but I’m not a girly-girl and ended up just throwing them in my car trunk and forgetting about them. I could well afford these products but because we are friends, she gave me lots of freebies. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings by turning them down.

After my hair appointment, I go next door and pick up a pizza for dinner. Bobcat loves their pizza but it is on the far south of town where we hardly ever go, but that’s where my hairdresser is so we have a monthly routine of hair and pizza.

A young lady with thin, limp, lifeless hair scraped back and secured with a rubber band started waiting on me. She is a single mother and can’t afford all the pricey products they sell next door. So, after I ordered my pizza, I asked her if she wanted to try some of the samples. She jumped at the chance. Now, each month I give her the bag of freebies and we visit for a few minutes while I wait for the pizza. She tells me about her little girl and her life. Between working full time and going to school part time, she is a very busy lady and can’t afford the little things that make life a little nicer. Her hair looks so much better these days. Still haven’t told my hairdresser that I give the products away to someone who can really appreciate them. I about fell over when she told me her name – Cat. It’s not short for anything. Her name is actually Cat! And you know how much I love cats.
Lisa Tennison ~ Anchorage, AK