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Thread: CAMDEN, NJ: young chihuahua young left behind outside

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    CAMDEN, NJ: young chihuahua young left behind outside

    no other info but what is below:
    Sent: Friday, August 31, 2012 10:31 AM

    call 856 655 7054
    young tan male chiwawa left outside when owners moved
    needs rescue /foster call if can help. is outside, unsafe, no food shelter
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    what kind of people leaves a chihuahua outise on is own ... jesus christ some people are not worth to have animals.

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    I'm sorry that I cant help. Poor little dog; it's like a death sentence for a little dog to be outside... another dog or animal might hurt it, no food, no shelter, bad weather, etc. I hope the people who left him/her are punished somehow. Any person who is cruel to animals deserves to be punished. I dont understand how the "owners" could leave the little dog behind... just shaking my head.


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