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    Jake, I usually stay on the kitty side of this site, but you caught my eye. Was great to read your heart-warming story about your new life. Your person is a great guy. Here's to you living happily ever after!

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    Thank you for noticing Jake and bringing him out of hades into the real world of canines for some quality living. While you had wished for a Standard Poodle, your wish was recognized and granted but in a surprising way and I'll bet anything that you are no less happy because of it. I would even venture that the surprise was possibly one of the best parts of the whole scenario. Our "Higher Power" (whatever you believe in) often does a better job of fulfilling our wishes and answering our prayers than we could do even if we had th means. It is so heartwarming to see Jake out there with his new family of people and pets living the good life for a change. He is now and ever will be grateful to you for what you have done for him. His heart belongs to you for he has given it to you. By-the-way, Jake, Congratulations on being our newest Dog Of The Day.
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    Congratualations, Jake!

    Thank you for rescuing this beautiful dog. Have a happy life, Jake.

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    Oh Jake....What a handsome wonderful boy you are. I am so happy that you were rescued. I get so upset when I hear
    about an animal that is treated bad. God did not intend for his animals to be treated that way. You are a very lucky boy Jake. But I don't
    have to tell you that. I can see your beautiful face and tell how happy you are now. Congratulations on being our DOTD. You have a
    wonderful family Jake.

    Linda in SC

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    Oh Jake, what a handsome boy you are! What a wonderful story of how you were rescued from a puppymill, along with a few other dogs! I hope your human submitting this story to DOTD helps to reach many people about puppy mills! You must be a wonderful boy. Congrats on being DOTD Jake. Just want to mention I also have a Jake and he's from my local shelter. I hope this is a special day for you and your human, your wonderful human, who helped so many dogs.
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    Hello Jake, it is an honor to meet such a handsome sweet natured dog. I must say that I got teary just reading about your life before you were rescued. Poor dog; you had a rough life ... but not any more. As bad as it was for you, it is now that much better with your new human and home and other dogs to play with. I hope all of you have many more years together. Congrats on being DOTD!

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    Dear Jake.........

    You beautiful beautiful boy.

    I never understand and never will how they can ever trust humans again. But they can and do.

    THANKYOU for rescuing Jake ... puppy mills and back yard breeders are wicked and evil. They care only for money .

    Jake... you have a wonderful Forever home . Live well ...
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    Iam so glad you were rescued out of that horrible place and have a great home to "retire" into

    The one thing i would like to see is the people who did this to you be put in the cages with the same care you got from them ! for a long time!!!!

    have a great dotd jake!

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    Hello Jake!

    I saw that smiling poodle thumbnail and I just knew I had to click and read up about you! I have bichons, cousins to yourself in dogdom.

    Oh my, I was shocked to read "The Evolution Of Jake." I too have volunteered with rescue, though never to the extent of seeing the inside of the puppymill; photos are more than enough for me. So I salute your human, we need folks like this! I was a foster pawrent for a breed rescue, and one of my "flock of fluffs," Tasha, came from a mill. She was almost 5 years old when she was rescued. I never was a "successful" foster mom, as I adopted each and every one of my fosters myself, ha haaa. Foster failure, that's me!

    Now I see you sharing the sofa, living the life of a pampered pet, having doggie siblings to play with, kitties to share your home, and I am SO HAPPY for you Jake! You never could have imagine life like this! I really enjoyed seeing your smiling face in these photos.

    Enjoy your day Jake, as our Dog of the Day; but I can tell, at your house, it is Dog of the Day every day!

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    Hello, handsome Jake! I like your pretty colored coat-- it makes me think of champagne! Your story got my eyes leaking today. The first part of your life was tough, but now you have a wonderful home, doggies and kitties to be with, and people who love you very much! Happy Dog of the Day to you! I hope you have many wonderful years with your caring people!
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    I have been in rescue for 23 years and I never get used to these horrible stories of abuse and neglect. I am so glad Jake was rescued and brought to a wonderful furever home. Much love and respect to Jake's owners for doing that. I am not a fan of breeders since what I do and what I see are horrific sights. If people stop buying, less dogs and cats would be put to sleep every year. There are tens of thousands being destroyed b/c of no homes. I understand people love certain breeds - my favorite is the German Shepherd, but I love them all - especially the mixed breeds. Shelter/rescue pets give so much love b/c they are so grateful. Dogs, cats, horses, - you name it. Many backyard breeders have the dogs and cats live in deplorable conditions and just use them to make their money. I have a problem with that. People shouldn't be making money at the animal's expense. I had a female that was bred so much that it stripped her of all nutrients in her body. She was 11 when I got her and didn't even have any teeth and was in horrible condition. I, too, have shaved many where the hair comes off like taking a jacket off. It's horrible. Thank you so much for saving Jake. And Jake - congratulations on DOTD. You deserve it.

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    Thank-you for being you and rescuing wonderful Jake, so glad he is DOTD today! I can't dwell on the hellhole he came from, never understand animal abuse. It makes me sick, like literally. I'm just so happy you are lovin' him so much! He looks radiantly happy. Peace and love

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    Jake the Survivor!

    Happy Dog of the Day to you, beautiful Jake! I can't think of a more deserving Sunday honoree than you, beautiful boy! Like all before me, I will never be able to comprehend the mind and "heart" of any human being capable of such horrific abuse and neglect; that last photo of you in that filthy pen made me ill, and brought tears to my eyes. But thankfully there are good and caring souls like your parents, dedicated to bringing the horror that is the puppymill to the forefront, and in the process, saving so many deserving souls such as you! As Snowdrops has said, it will forever remain a mystery how victims of such horrific abuse are ever able to love and trust a human again, but they do. And you Jake, are a living testament to the amazing, indomitable spirit of the canine! I'm thrilled beyond words knowing that for all the days of your life, from here on in, you will know nothing but carefree, love filled, joyful days with your wonderful parents and furry siblings! Just look at that pic of you with that beautiful smile, that one of of you 3 all snuggled up on that that's one happy group!
    Great thanks to your dear family for sharing your very special, very moving story, your beautiful self with us all. You and your family are truly an inspiration, and I hope with all my heart that your story will encourage others to choose rescue, giving one more most deserving doggie, kitty, creature, the chance at happiness given you!
    Enjoy your much deserved day of honor, sweetheart, celebrating with your precious doggie and kitty sibs, being loved and pampered to pieces!!!
    Love, hugs and kisses to you, beautiful Jake!

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    Jumping for joy...for Jake!

    What a lucky dog...from those awful years as a stud to your current happiness in a truly loving home!
    May everyday be Dog of the Day for!


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