Susan Marino [email protected]
Must start moving out animals NOW.
Susan Marino
Angel's Gate Hospice & Rehabilitation Home for Animals
510 Archie Elliott Rd
Delhi NY 13753

Angels' Gate is a Hospice & Rehabilitation Home for Animals, and from all I've ever known about them they've done a wonderful job.

Due to some run-in with PETA they have been closed down. I don't know the story behind this, but I don't trust PETA and don't believe they have the welfare of these animals in mind.

What I do know is this: All the animals that have been cared for at Angels' Gate now need immediate placement/rescue. These are animals at the absolute end of the line, many disabled and/or needing special care.

If anyone here can take on even one of them, please get in touch with Angels' Gate. The director is Susan Marino. Contact information is above.

Also, please share this information with anyone else you can think of who might be able to help.

Here is the information I got about this:

There are like 300 cats and 60 dogs who need placement! If you are a rescue who brought a dog or cat there I suggest you retrieve them immediately to get them to safety please!!!!!!! As you know, many are special needs animals!!!!!

From: Kathleen/SARA <[email protected]>
Date: August 31, 2012 10:01:58 PM EDT
To: [email protected]
Subject: Fwd: EXTREME SOS- New Delhi, NY - Angels' Gate needs help NOW.Animals need to be placed...

Yes, it has come to this. PETA has won. Susan has lost everything, and as tragic as that is, she will physically survive, but I don't know how she'll go on. I would never want to be in her shoes and I don't know how I'd ever endure what is going on in her life.

What is even more tragic--and despite any debate any of us might have otherwise, this is the crossroads that all of us rescue folks stand at--the fact that the animals that are being cared for at Angel's Gate are now truly endangered. They are absolutely at the end of the line--the most unwanted of all of the already thrown away, already discarded and already unloved and left behind. Those who don't matter and those who hold no value, status or worth.

Thank you, PETA. No matter what side of this issue you stand on, one thing is sure: There is no doubt what PETA would have done with any of these animals. They do not stand to take, care for, love, nurture or rehome ANY of them. But they've collected plenty of money for their trouble.

They've done their work and they've moved on long ago.

This is no longer about which side of the fence we stand on--there are still animals there whose safety net has disappeared.

A humane and gentle euthanasia administered by the right people can still be a kindness to those who have so little and although we would want more, none of us can argue this point. But the fact that many of these animals can still have quality of life is truly the tragedy in all of this--so many have basic physical issues. Others have chronic allergies, neurological disorders, questionable diagnoses, shyness, separation anxiety, or when it comes to cats, are simply are just feral...but they've already been brought indoors and are now dependent on kindness and regular meals.

Please examine your hearts and your homes. Can you take on a happy, loving, special-needs pet that perhaps doesn't need hospice, necessarily? Perhaps only needs a little extra help and tolerance? Maybe a cat needs a bit of a boost to get on the sofa to snuggle with you? Maybe a dog needs you to help them balance as they try to pee against a tree with only three legs? Maybe you can take a feral cat that will not want you to touch him or look at him, but you will give him a haven in your home where he will be fed and protected?

Does your rescue have room for one more? Do you, in your home? Dog or cat? Do your sympathetic and kind, animal-loving friends? What will happen to the mostly healthy but three-legged, cats and dogs? Or maybe those who are neurological, FIV positive (who can live with other cats, and DOGS!, by the way), the shy, allergic or those possibly on special diet? There are so many at Angel's Gate like that. They will die soon.

What about the other odd animals that you might have room for if you have property? A deformed chicken or duck who might need extra attention? Don't know...maybe some of you know folks who can take animals like this.

And yet I do know that all of us in the rescue community do indeed ask ourselves these ridiculously impossible questions already on a daily basis.

I know that I cannot personally take any at this time in my life, although special-needs kitties, misfits, and society's castaways and leftovers were at one time the only ones I had; they still make up most of the population of the ten kitties I have now. I know that my friends have all done the take-one-more thing many times more than they should have.

I don't know who else to ask.

I don't know the answers. I don't know what was exactly right or what was absolutely wrong. I know that there is no black and white in rescue, and for all the 'gray' we see ourselves daily, there is much more when it comes to hospice.

But I do feel that we all have the intent to do our best to do what is right, that we live by our individual integrity, and that we strive daily to make every difference in the lives of animals like these.

If you can help, now is the time. If you cannot help, CROSSPOST and add to your Facebook page.

I cannot take on more cats, but I will call and ask if they have any birds--conures or parrots...if they do, I will take on another among my other three.


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From: Hedy Litke <[email protected]>

After a horrible maligning and betrayal with PETA, Susan is forced to give up her home and ALL her animals. She is in debt and will lose everything.
If you can take any dogs and cats, there are adoptable ones that have just been dumped on her.
Most are disabled in some way, need care. Cats have a range of being feral to FIV, Felv.
At best of times, adoptions and rescue is very hard, this is a travesty. I’ve known Susan for many years and I know her heart and soul are with these animals, she is devastated.
PLEASE if everyone takes 1 animal, she has not lost all.

From: susan marino [mailto:[email protected]]
Must start moving out animals NOW.
Susan Marino
Angel's Gate
Hospice & Rehabilitation Home for Animals
510 Archie Elliott Rd
Delhi NY 13753