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Thread: Financial Career Advancement

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    Financial Career Advancement

    Hey everyone,

    I'm in my third year of college and I have decided on majoring in accounting. There are several reasons that this major seems like the right choice for me, but I just saw this article and I wanted a little insight from others

    The article discusses a couple different financial positions and how one moves up to them. Now of course I am not silly enough to think that I can right away jump into a CFO position, obviously that takes years of dedication and a strong background in finance. However, I was thinking that I might be able to finagle a position as the controller after some time at a company.

    So my question is, does anyone work in financing? How hard is it to advance your career? How did you get there? How long did it take you? Do you enjoy the change from clerk?
    Any and all responses are appreciated!

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    I am as far away from that as one could get, being a graphic designer and radio host amongst other things, but I want to applaud you for making the choice! We need good people in those careers, who enjoy the work! A friend (now retired) who worked for the government in Accounting once explained to me that she could not imagine doing my job, as there is no "right answer" when it comes to art. But having all the numbers work out gave her great satisfaction!
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