There are 6 kittens in Oklahoma, born to a mother cat (Zelda) who escaped one day just before she was going to be spayed and vaccinated. She really got the short straw, coming home both pregnant and positive to feline leukemia. She had six kittens, all apparently healthy and all will be going out to new homes eventually. However, they all have to be tested for feline leukemia, and if they show positive, tested again three months later to confirm. Their guardian is doing all she can but can't come up with the kind of funds for so many tests so she's created a ChipIn page:

For more information about the kittens, and to read more about FeLV+ in general, go to "Adopt an FIV or Feline Leukemia Cat" on Facebook.

Thank you for considering.

P.S. I may take Leia, or Sassy if Lindsey can bear to give her up.