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Thread: Injured Dog Rescued from Mountain

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    Injured Dog Rescued from Mountain

    "Owner who left it there wants it back"

    My initial thought was anger/upset that someone not only brought the dog up there, but then abandoned it there. But if you read the news article, the owner states he had to leave the dog up there for the safety of a younger hiker because a storm rolled in. I completely understand why he had to leave her up there, and one part of me thinks the hikers that rescued the dog are being a little harsh on him... but on the other hand, he shouldn't have brought the dog on that mountain in the first place. The other hikers keep stating "he made no attempts to get the dog back", but honestly, some people don't have the online resources that other people have, so maybe he just didn't know how to go about seeking help? Heck I've posted for help/advice online before and hardly get any responses.


    Don't just watch the video, read the article, too; the video leaves out some information.


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    I've read about this incident - I don't believe the owner for a minute He never should have taken the dog with him, climbing a mountain, and for sure he should have notified someone. Goodness, if I had been stupid enough to hike a mountian with my dog, and had to leave h/her up there, I would have started calling for help as soon as I reached the bottom.

    What a creep he is!! That dog deserves so much better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grace View Post
    I would have started calling for help as soon as I reached the bottom.
    My thoughts exactly. Eight days went by? He shouldn't get the dog back, IMO.
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    Yes, if he really was worried about the dog, he should have gnu back up for it, rather figuring after 3 days that she was dead. Her suffering would have kept me up at night, but obviously it was not a priority for him.
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    As someone who hikes regularly with my dog, I always scope out a hike BEFORE I even think of taking him. I can't believe he even had the nerve to come out and say he wants the dog back. 8 Days??? You could bet I would have been CARRYING my dog down the mountain in some way, and if not I would be calling in some sort of rescue team the second I got to the bottom. If the rocks were that sharp you should have BOOTS on the dog. What an idiot!! He doesn't deserve this dog back whatsoever. I cannot contemplate just figuring your dog is dead. I can't imagine not doing anything about it..

    I can bet if he was injured, the dog wouldn't have left him
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    This moron of a dog owner, needs to be charged with animal cruelty and neglect - for taking her up the mountain in the first place, using no protection for her paws, and then total abandonment. He should NOT get his dog back, and her rescuers should be allowed to adopt her. Stories (and people) like this, just make me sick!!!!!

    I just heard on GMA Weekend, that the owner has been charged with animal cruelty. Justice prevails for Missy!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pomtzu View Post
    I just heard on GMA Weekend, that the owner has been charged with animal cruelty. Justice prevails for Missy!!!
    As it should be! I would never put my dog(s) in such a situation in the first place!!! He just left her for dead!
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    I agree

    I, too, don't think the original owner should get the dog back. He abandoned the dog. I can't believe he has the nerve to ask for the dog. I did read the article.

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    I am glad to read that the owner is being charged with animal cruelty. To keep the dog up there walking to the point that her paws are so cut and raw she can't walk anymore............STUPID!!! He should have recognized her pain early on and turned back sooner so she wouldn't have to be left up there.
    I hope the original two rescuers get to adopt her.
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    Personally I wouldn't give him the dog back. The dog deserves a family who won't just abandon the dog and won't take it hiking unless they know what their doing and can keep the dog safe and injury free. And what he did is animal cruelty.
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    I can bet if he was injured, the dog wouldn't have left him [/QUOTE]

    Amen to that. That's the difference between unconditional love of a dog & the love of convenience of a human.
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    Stuff like this makes me physically ill. No good reason for abandoning his dog, no good reason for taking her up there in those conditions without proper protection for her paws either.
    I was so happy to hear he was held responsible for his cruel acts. He should be banned from ever owning another dog as he's proved he has no real caring for an animal and is certainly irresponsible . Nothing short of cruelty to animals applies here.

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    And then make him reimburse the folks who took time to bring the dog down and make him pay the vet bill.

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    I read this yesterday and couldn't believe the gall of the idiot asking for Missy back either. Are you serious dude? Really? The only thing you should get back in KARMA!!! What did surprise me though was when I turned back to facebook (which is where I found the original link) there was a new post which caught my eye. Bret Michaels (ex-front man of Poisen) had posted about it. He was livid. Not only was he stating how little he thought of the guy and that he felt the guy should be charged etc. but he was offering help with vet bills, rescue fees & supplies. He also offered to adopt Missy himself. I thought that was pretty damned cool. He moved up a notch in my books for sure.

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