We've seen the jewelry by Dreameyce on here before (Nov 2011); I have some of her bichon pieces.

Emily's Pom, Colbie, recently had a health scare that took many days and multiple vets to sort out resulting in some large vet bills. Emily is Dreameyce and creates lovely breed specific pins and pendants. She is having a sale to raise money for Colbie's vet bills. Please share and consider taking advantage of her sale prices!

"I'm still short on money for Colbie's current vet bill (And next one), so am willing to do FREE shipping on any of my in-stock jewelry pieces. Current Cardigans are posted
here: http://dreameyce.com/?cat=6

Pembrokes are here: http://dreameyce.com/?cat=14

A few other breeds are listed on the site, and if you don't SEE your breed please feel free to ask as we may have it in stock and just not posted on the site yet.

Contact me for a paypal invoice reflecting the free-shipping price."

Just thought I'd let you know.